Publishers, let’s stride forward

Know your audience   |   Know their preferences and behaviours
Take action in real-time   |   Boost acquisition and retention

Readersight is an all-in-one personalization tool that allows publishers to deliver personalized content, track user behaviour, analyize article performance in real time & much more.

Identifying Patterns

Using cutting edge technology with R&D at its core we identify topics in your content and label them.

Understanding the Reader

With real time traffic analysis, we identify audience behaviours and interests, delivering customized content according to individual tastes.

Empowering Publishers

Insights and effective solutions that enable publishers to take action to increase acquisition, retention and revenue.

Take action in real-time

By only focusing on the content other tools miss the most important data: the reader.

Readersight personalizes the user’s experience, improving the acquisition and retention for publishers around the world. We provide real-time audience behaviour insights and active solutions for publishers every day.

Our Awards (so far)

Best Platform for Audience Development

Innovation Enterprise: Digital Publishing Awards, New York 2015

Best Use of Data and Web Analytics

Eir Spiders: Shortlistee Dublin 2016

Know your audience. Take Action.